Friday, June 19, 2015

in dire need of ice cream


First and foremost, salam ramadan.

I've been up to pretty much nothing so far this week. I try to study, really I do, but I tend to go for leisure reading first and before I know it, I fall asleep. And by the time I wake up from my nap, I'm too drowsy to think much. I do go through some stuff, but as of now I still can't grasp much of what I should read. I mean, should I read what the lecturers have taught or should I study for the assignments? I'm actually glad that there is a bit of exercise for bahasa melayu, if not I really won't know what to do.

Aside from procrastinating, stalling for time is sneakily climbing to the top of my 'negative talents' list. I can linger around doing absolutely nonsense when I should be, I don't know, tidying up my desk or figuring out my life choices. Or do background reading for eff's sake,

One more thing, I seem to always in need of food? Like, my hunger is insatiable. Right now I'm craving for freshly roasted ayam tandoori or steaming tomyam with a plate of hot rice. Maybe I should go down and get some food right now, but the mere thought of having to climb up the stairs later just... makes me shudder? I sincerely hope that my heart benefits from all of those stairs climbing. I don't hope to be an all-lean-no-fat kind of girl (although that will be so so so so good omg) because my metabolism sucks, but at least I wish all the food I consume equates to the amount of energy I use everyday. Please.

I can settle on biscuits and bread, but cmonnnn I'm a heavy meal kind of person.

No I'm not complaining/ranting. I love it here.

(Except that I have sunburn again. Is uneven skin tone really unavoidable? Gosh.)


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