Sunday, June 28, 2015



Of courseeeeeeee I have already expected this scenario. Seriously I have an experience of five years with this, of course this time it won't be any different. Not that I got surprised when I heard it, but I was taken aback yes. First impressions are first impressions indeed. I just hope people will stop relying on them so much. You won't know until you try, after that you can decide. Sigh.

I'm working on this one thing that needs to be done by midnight. Maybe I can work my way into submitting it tomorrow but I don't want to prolong the pressure so it has to be completed today. There is also this one thing that I realllllly want to do BUT assignments are piling up and I have to make them my priorities. I want to blame it on time constraint but if I actually do it a month ago before I am enrolled here then I won't be in this situation. The blame is entirely mine.

I'm also getting my dose of anime. Watching mirai nikki occasionally when I feel like it now. I thought tokyo ghoul and shingeki no kyojin are gory enough but nooooooo mirai nikki is all out unworldly. I'm enjoying all the anime blood and psychotic ideologies, don't ask why. I honestly don't know how to explain I choose anime over movies and such. I just do. Full stop.

This is my lesson of the week: Read instructions carefully before bull----ting anything.

(I have so many buts can the word just disappear.)


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