Saturday, September 19, 2015

oh well


So I'm lounging around at home now because it's study week and of course I am supposed to be studying (don't think my carry marks can suffice my finals lol) but I told myself I can laze around today as long as I pick up some books and actually start going through my syllabuses for the past months tomorrow.


I think I had more things to write yesterday. Oh right the train ride. The start was both horrible and funny and things almost went wrong but I survived.

What else?

My prose is published in Englishjer's 100Hundred compilation,
We got full marks for our class project. Sir said our performance was the best,
I haven't been into creative mode at all,
Missing my creative phase so bad (if it really exists pfft),
Should really post something on insta if I want to post other pics,
Since when I start posting so much anyway??,
Oh lord I make a grammatical sin there hah,
I miss my brother too,
Listening to tablo's eyes nose lips on spotify atm and there's another version to the one on youtube????,
Okay another sin there,
Red velvet's dumb dumb is a total jam,
More like I'm loving Irene and Joy's rap parts hahaha,
I want to go shopping but money has not never been an issue.


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