Friday, November 13, 2015

no sense


Will keep it short (it will appear ridiculous) (literally).

Leaving for uni tomorrow morning. New semester officially starts next monday (happy birthday ba!) and I haven't printed out my timetable yet. I do not really have any bad impressions about my schedule other than the foresight of the amount of walking I will have to do. The only bad thing I see at this point is that lectures are all in new places that I have never been to. Probably walked by them once or twice, never without solid reasons yep. What bothers me the most is that apparently my time table varies slightly with my friends. It's not the matter of I can't survive without them with me or anything, the problem lies within my amazing no sense of direction skills.

What if I got lost? I'm just a mere girl trapped in an educational landscape symbolised by air-conditioned buildings and fancy people.


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