Thursday, November 05, 2015

zero six


So I'm going back to uni next week. One month sure flies huh

First time in my life I was hospitalised and went under minor surgery. Appendicitis, apparently. I wasn't able to do anything without curling myself to lessen the pain, if it did lessen at all. I told umi I couldn't take it anymore and at 5AM we went to the hospital and sometime around 11AM I had my surgery. Afterwards a nurse asked me (in my awfully drowsy state) how did I able to handle the pain because my appendix ruptured inside me. From what I know it could be life threatening if the appendix burst. I remember saying I didn't know before going back to sleep. The rest of the day went like that. I slept and awoke and slept and awoke. They put a tube in me to channel all the residue from my body.

I think I stayed there for three to four days? It was awful I dare say. Around noon it got so hot I sweated like crazy, I think the attendants didn't like me much because I hardly eat the food they brought (bring me something I could eat gdi), to sit is a lot to handle, to walk is a disaster, a bunch of doctors came like thrice a day talking among themselves in language I could not understand, they kept wanting to check my stitches (which I understand but gosh the embarrassment!), and well other stuff. I'm not saying they weren't nice though, they were. It's just me who couldn't stand lying down on bed, helpless, no wifi, and a drainage that I have to damn carry to the toilet every time. But all in all I am fine now, except for the ugly scar I have plus wounds that are still in the process of healing.

My exam result hahahahaha. No straight A because B+ for nationhood studies. Got into Dean's List though. 3.94.


p.s. romantic universe ;)

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