Wednesday, March 16, 2016

see you there

notes: long post. nothing factual. countless grammatical errors.


I honestly don't like it when people ask me what superpower I would love to have because often superpowers are associated with troubles. I don't mean troubles as in blood thirsty vengeful lurking nemesis, I mean troubles as in what if the power turns its back on me?

Kinda into teleportation though not gonna lie.

Teleportation (n), from my understanding, is the ability to transport matter from place to another by disappearing and reappearing. From my fiction readings, mass teleportation can be also done by being in physical contact with the person bearing the power.

Usually it can only be done if the teleporter knows or is clear about the destination, meaning that one cannot simply teleport to any part of the world if they don't know how it looks like. But I have also read that it is actually possible to teleport to unknown places, provided that there is another person at the destination that the teleporter can mentally connect to. By grasping on the person's thoughts the teleporter can vanish to the place where the other person is at. I personally think this is harder to do than the normal teleportation because it would require immense mental power? Possibly strong bond too?

Imagine: waking up ten minutes prior morning class with the realization that kill me now I'm gonna miss the bus my dental care noooo but wait a minute I can just teleport! this is so much to bring back too many luggage and what I've never seen this before never worn this too but wait whoa I can teleport to and fro!! no train ticket yeay me good job procrastinating self omg how can it slip my mind foolish me I can teleport this instant!!!

Note how beneficial and reliable it is.

So why, why despite of all of these juicy goodness I still have pessimistic thoughts towards it?

Is it just merely not being here to be there in matter of seconds?

How teleportation technically works, what's the mechanism, the guidelines, the conditions and all the jazz cannot be simply told because there are too many interpretations and retelling. After all, they do tend to slightly differ from one another according to how the author wants to make it happen albeit being the same disappear here reappear there kind of thing. It can be a complex process but it can also be very simple as well. Whether it is science or supernatural or combination of both highly depends on, again, the author.

(Believe me I would loveeee to write about some of teleportation I've read about that has left an impression in me but that would take forever and I'm trying not to lose focus here.)


notes: bear in mind that these are all conjured from the fictions I read,
mixed with my own little spells here and there

How many places are involved in this process? It is often fictionally written, I believe, that only two places are involved: the spot where the teleporter disappears from and the spot where they reappear to.

I like to think there are three. First: the place where teleporter disappears from. Third: the place where teleporter reappears to. Second: the place where teleporter passes through en route to Third.

I imagine Second as a a nowhere. Just a black void, barely noticeable to teleporters because their surroundings change too fast for them to notice. The black they may see while teleporting may be regarded as the passing black we all see when we blink our eyes. And, if they close their eyes while teleporting, they won't know at all.

There can be many Seconds, just like there are uncountable Firsts and Thirds. These Seconds can be linked to either Firsts or Thirds, or both Firsts and Thirds: 1) for each First, there is a relative Second and vice versa 2) for each Second, there is a relative Third and vice versa and 3) for each First and Third there is a personalized Second between them. There can also be just one Second individualized for each teleporter, meaning that no two teleporters bump into each other while moving even though they are heading to the same Third.

What scares me is being stuck at that nowhere. Say, if the power is already so weak that the journey stops halfway, or there is something that blocks the door to my destination, leaving me stuck in that black of  a nowhere. While trying to keep me alive and sane, my power drains out completely.

There is of course the possibility of being saved, provided that 1) other teleporters use the same Second as me because of Second being pertained to places instead of individuals like I mentioned earlier or 2) they manage to find me in my own Second, either through crashing into my route or through my opening the way for them. Accidental or not, well that's a different story.

But I like to think teleportation as a lone thing which is why I am not keen on the idea of Second being physically related to First and Third, but actually is something of my own, something that belongs to me and just me. Hence if somehow I am stuck in that black space and unable to recover my power or unblock whatever that is holding me back, Second is where I disappear to (forever).


p.s. I was quite into invisibility too, long before teleportation caught my attention. I stop because I don't want to risk being permanently invisible. 

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