Saturday, June 25, 2016



Been a month since my last post eyy. Quick update on what is up. Uni is going fine, busy as always, full of fun and stress, procrastination, people, sun, and rain.

This semester brings out the solitary side of me. Being in a different group from the rest of my friends put me in a different shoe and suddenly I have to see everything independently. Not a bad thing actually. The first two weeks was tough, but I managed. Kinda enjoying it now, in fact.

I have a second blog now, as part of an assignment for a course. I am updating it weekly because one of the requirements is to have thirteen entries posted altogether by the end of the semester. I am so tempted to make it as white as this blog, but let's face it my lecturer likes everything colourful because he thinks it represents creativity and I don't want my personal preference to damage my marks in any way. Although I stick to black-grey-white over there too lol. But I might change it soon, no idea yet.

Feelings are messy as always. Trying to sort them out but a part of me likes giving them attention just to dwell in fleeting sentiments. Some days I overthink, other days I don't give a single damn.

Also I am broke as hell and there is a lot of good stuff selling online. Bought my first mascara, by the way. How on earth do people swipe more than one coats I don't even know. I can only do one without it clumping and smudging all over eyelids and fingers. Feels like I'm going to use up this first tube just to get a decent application.

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