Monday, August 29, 2016

6 years

“Everything you love is here

Should be resolving issues with the assignment blog, but again I'm stuck between two choices and can't make up my mind.

The air here is bad. Literally. Been breathing polluted air since morning.

Spent my weekend at aunt's, because housemates went on a trip for their assignment and I didn't want to go with them. Short getaway with my family was cool. I got to shop and laze around. Perfect.

I don't know if this is normal, but do people lose their lipsticks in shopping malls? Because I lost mine (it's an absolute favourite too). Tried to look for a new one but nope couldn't find it. Cheers my brother bought me Lang Leav's latest release, The Universe of Us. Still wrapped in plastic though. I need to find the mood to read.

Alright maybe I should first find the mood to do my assignments. Meh.

I'm in serious craving for carbs. I want rice and bread everyday all day, which isn't bad, of course not, except for the little fact that my metabolism is slower than my reflex. I know how people likes doing exercises and dieting and all the groove. Why am I not in the category ey.

Six days ago marked the sixth year since I first started this blog. I was thirteen six years ago, fresh out of primary school and eager for a taste of teenage life. Now I'm nineteen and contemplating on how to conclude my teen years.

Happy belated birthday, love.

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