Sunday, August 07, 2016


Referring to my previous post, yes I did go to seph. Saw monte carlo there, almost bought it too but then I remembered that the last time I went to seph I bought a lipstick in a similar shade to monte. although not the liquid type. Buying monte would feel redundant. After all, I don't wear red on a daily basis. Bought a travel sized mascara instead. Why can't seph here provide free samples like all the sephs abroad. Life would be so much easier sighs.

I don't like referring to my makeup splurge as a waste of money because 1) I actually use them, 2) looking at them makes me happy, 3) when I say makeup I mean lipsticks, 4) everything is drugstore, and  5) celebrate life! Yeah, I can make it until 10+ but the deeper I go the weirder they will sound sooooo moving on

Last week was horrible. My mood swings got so bad that I didn't even know how to handle it. I literally shunned people, put my heart before my head, etc etc. Thing is when I'm in this kind of moment I tend to let my thoughts wander to strange places, looking for questions amidst statements and forming answers out of no reasoning. It's tiring, because I like it when this happens and at the same time after the moment passes I don't remember a thing. As if this fleeting moment is only here to keep me company when I'm down and feeling worthless, and as soon as my negativity goes away it leaves too, to recuperate perhaps, until the next coming moment arrives.

Maybe starting a journal for times like this will help? And call it 'The Journal of Moments: Forget-Me-Not'. Maybe I should. Maybe then I can bring back what is lost, and even if I can't love them the way they deserved to be, at least I can keep them for as long as the moments allow me to. Something about fleeting things make my head spin, because they make themselves special through beauty and torments, that even I can't deny.

Alright, no point faking concentration when the wifi is so fast now. Gonna go download some anime (natsume yuujinchou!!) anddd update the meh, assignment blog. Honestly sometimes I feel like rewriting all posts because even I think it's so dull and boring but let's be real, I'm not rajin enough for that. So much for changing for the better.

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