Saturday, October 01, 2016

colour me you

I have been into moodboards lately ever since I saw a thread on twitter where she makes exo boyfriend moodboards for her mutuals. I also found this twitter account dedicated specifically to making EXO moodboards. They are all so pretty and the colours are so enchanting I just have to make some myself.

Is the correct term 'moodboard' or 'aesthetic'? When I typed 'moodboard' as the keyword I found tumblr roleplay infographics designed as characters' backgrounds. I have only ever known 'aesthetic' or 'colour aesthetic' being used for this type of colour/theme-oriented edit, until I came across the twitter thread mentioned earlier. Of course, the word 'aesthetic' in general serves a greater meaning. Beauty, pleasant to look at, all the jazz and tango.

Personally, I prefer to call it 'moodboard' because of the 3x3 layout and the overall less-is-more presentation. There is the 2x4 layout too. I choose 3x3 because I like squares than rectangles. But putting in colours in consideration, calling it 'aesthetic' is not entirely wrong too. I mean, we do want to make it pleasant to look at after all. Moodboard is the physical presentation while aesthetic is the value it carries? Something like that?

I only have three done so far:

You can really see that my boards are more colour-oriented than theme-oriented. There is not much texture involved too especially in the blue board. Mainly because I become anxious when I see that there is too much going on. Let's not talk about the stress looking for suitable pictures. I spend hours looking for them and once I start editing, I have to go back and look for more.

Theme-oriented boards are more challenging in my opinion, because you need to be able to deliver the intended theme (even without titling the moodboard) while at the same time maintain the colour/s used. The aesthetic. I would love to attempt this sometime, but now I am certainly having fun just playing with colours. 

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