Friday, October 28, 2016

define home

where is home

home is where you feel the safest and secure, they say, home is where you feel loved

i feel loved, i know i am loved. but to feel safe and secure? i can't recall feeling that way unless i'm away

and when i'm away i don't feel comfortable

there's something in me that won't let me have things my way. stupidity, maybe

i don't feel accepted anywhere. i don't feel like i'm surrounded by people who accepts me for who i am and love each other for who everyone are

i don't feel okay—

can't bring myself to talk about this matter openly too. a lot of things are not meant to be told, this is just one of the many things


like a house, is it just a matter of physical representation of a building meant to accommodate, or does it mean something more? or

does it have a deeper meaning than that, as used by romanticists to speak of the sense of belonging?

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