Thursday, November 10, 2016

a swim

Semester 5 is starting this Monday and again I am placed in a different class than my friends. Which feels okay, now that I've gone through the previous semester in hardship and peace and emmm numbness? Now that I've felt the impact I honestly don't mind another throw. Afterall, there are more pros than what I had originally expected. Turned out being away from my friends in terms of our classes isn't a bad thing, I see them a lot though lol we practically live together.

This upcoming semester also brings about the feared(?) industrial training, or practical if you prefer that term more. I still haven't made up my mind where to apply for yet eventhough I have one in mind. I am honestly scared. Even after years of learning english in school and more than a year learning english as a major in uni still doesn't give me enough confidence to actually be out there and prove myself.

Writing is fine, in a way, although my grammar still and always needs improvement. Don't ask me what I got for MUET Writing though, I ain't proud of it. Speaking, on the other hand, serves as a challenge. Not sure how to elaborate on this, but pretty sure it's common among non-native speakers who are not brought up with english as the language spoken at home. It's not that bad, actually. I'm fine speaking in english to my friends and lecturers, I just can't wrap my head around the prospect of being thrown into an industry where the people there think and speak in english macam teguk air.

I'll get there, someday. I want to.

This is not what I come here for actually. I kinda forgot about it but never mind. Going to dive head first into the semester and figure out how to swim after that. Will bring goggles and oxygen tank too. Hopefully those will suffice.


ps. Got two lipsticks today at half price I'm choking on glitters right now

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