Friday, November 25, 2016

seul - II

Another change in class schedule happened just the night before the first day of semester. I am with my friends again, but only three of them. Another two are separated. I am honestly curious about how the admins put us in our classes but then again I just screw whatever this is and finish this semester.


My patience is being tested very often. I guess this is the challenge I have to deal with this time. Although I think I am getting better at not showing 'it'.


Aside from being broke (when am I not), I am freaking out about the productivity I am bereft of. It is only the second week so I cannot say much, but surely everyone else is doing double the work that I do, although we all receive the same amount of tasks? Has everyone developed superpowers or something? Why am I still plain, boring, normal?


In order to get myself together I made a list of things to buy once I get my money and (not) surprisingly, it seems to never end. I blame this solely on the fact that I have too much commitment and not enough resources but meh, I will figure something out. I might have to scavenge for sesuap nasi but surely some sad tone and teary eyes can be of great help.


I'm thinking of doing a new year resolution again for 2017. I have not had any resolutions for years, because I never do anything to accomplish it and also because I think people in general are overreacting about this whole new year, new start ideal. It's a new start whenever one wishes to, and cmon, new years happen several times a year, depending on which calendar one refers to.

My reason for resigning myself to this group of people is because I want to wrap this year by being as messy as possible (while remain looking classy and poise and sophisticated) and start 2k17 anew and classier. Now I sound like those typical optimists ugh excuse me I need to go wash my hands and rinse my mouth.

p.s. I've forgotten what 'seul' means, but I know it is a foreign language and if I am not mistaken, it translates to 'quick'? Yeah, tell me how un-creative I am about titling my blog posts

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