Monday, December 26, 2016

new year


1. 2017 is no doubt less than a week away and I've been pondering about what I have done/achieved/fucked up this 2016. Thing is, lol, I hardly recall any. There are vague recollections although none give me impressions strong enough for me to say "hey, I think I did pretty well/bad this year." 2016 feels just like any previous years, which is saying something because technically it is still 2016 on any part of the world.

2.  Since I'm turning coughtwentycough next year, I reckon I should have a more solid purpose this time. I mean I'm not getting any younger. No one is. At some point we would have to dive head first into the water, either on our own willingness or by force. I can't swim, so I have to prepare my float or boat or sampan or life jacket or whatever that is buoyant and then, figure out how to swim—exactly how am I going to do that doesn't matter—while staying afloat and alive. Nobody knows when it is their turn to be thrown into the water just as nobody knows when they will die from trying to stay alive.

I also know that in a few months time I'm going to say, "so what's up with being twenty, everything is the same" but at the very least I want a change, even if it's just about myself. Not forgetting the fact that 2016 is like a tornado and 2017 will probably the same of course. I may not remember much about 2016, but I know it has been quite the laidback year.

3.  Which is why this post comes to value. In spite of my gruesome laziness and incapability to self-reflect, I did—more or less—figured out some lessons I have learnt in 2016 and how those would be my fundamentals for 2017. Not going to list them here of course hahaha because I have not structured them into proper sentences yet.

4.  Sometime last month (could be earlier, idk) I was attracted to journaling. It started with following random journal blogs on tumblr, to downloading art journaling process videos. The latter is more complicated; it plays with colours, stamps, collaging, drawing, just a lot of art things that I, sadly, am not blessed with. The former looks simpler, mainly because they focus on the writing content rather than the artsy appearance. I fancy both, and I thought of attempting the same thing too. Not doing the complex work ofc. Random writings, maybe stickers if I'm feeling artsy? I definitely can't doodle, my drawing talent is a decade overdue.

No matter what it is about, it always feels good to be inspired :)

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