Friday, April 07, 2017

make me love you


I'm upset. Like horribly, terribly upset. But I'm not going to rant/lament about it like I usually do because the cycle is repetitive and irritating. What is immunity against stupidity? One has immunity to another person being stupid, and the one being stupid stays stupid regardless of anything. I'm not saying I belong to any of these two, nor I am saying you too. This messed up food chain, superiority over shit ton of nothing, is silly. No one has to make sense because what are ethics and morals in arguments. When one thinks too highly of their attitude, they tend to dismiss or/and ridicule others. So let's take a deep breath, let them fuck their own attitudes, and move on.


It has been exactly two weeks since I started my internship semester. Everything is rolling surprisingly smoothly. People are friendly and nice. They don't treat me like an outsider (okay maybe a bit but that's understandable) and actually seem interested in knowing me— when they're not busy, that is. I got my own desk (which I was looking forward to macam gila) and my own pc (which I didn't expect but I'll take anything tysm). Had to be up crazy early to catch bus and ferry and bus again. I often arrive late but my supervisor is very cool although I try not to be way too late.

Since I'm doing internship, I have, more often than not, abandoned makeup. Like I do the same routing every morning but everything just melted off my face the moment I cross country to get to the place. I usually do touch up once I arrive but after some time I don't think it matters anymore.

Funny because back in college I literally put on mascara a few minutes before rushing downstairs to catch the bus.

What is happening to me.


Boruto is amazingggggg. Maybe this is just me being terribly biased because it's a childhood thing carried forward to (half)adolescence (half)adulthood, but I can't help it the whole thing enthralls me. Seems like it's official that Naruto dies in this new series. I'm sad about that but the power to decide isn't mine. To be honest, it feels kinda rushed to kill Naruto. He must have died out of noble reasons or something but whyy kill him.

Clearly it's too early to expect anything but come on the start of the episode already makes me wanna kill somebody. This series better spans over 500 episodes because I'm not taking 12 episodes per season kind of thing.


The first time I listened to taeyeon's new song I immediately disliked it. Fine is my anthem. The more I listen to it though, the more I like it. The lack of lyrics threw me off but the melody makes up for it. Not to mention how awkward the lyrics are lmao. Taeyeon's voice too of course. Nevertheless, I would still pick Fine over this new song.

Curtain Call is very good too. I Blame On You though,,,, hmmmmmm it's kinda like Make Me Love You to me. Awkward#1 and Awkward#2. Twins.


It's #5yearswithEXO 

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